Two kinds of politics in country today – one is ‘parivar bhakti’ & another is ‘rashtra bhakti’: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that the BJP is dedicated to “rashtra bhakti” while its rivals stand for “parivar bhakti”. Addressing BJP workers on the party’s 42nd foundation day, he said that every BJP member should be proud that the party made it an electoral issue and succeeded in convincing people of the dangers of dynastic politics. He said the parties dedicated to further family rule have little regard for constitutional norms and cover up corruption and misdeeds of each other even though they may be active in different states. They did not allow the country’s young talent to come up and betrayed them, he said, without naming any party.  PM Modi also asserted that the BJP governments at the Centre and states have worked to take welfare schemes to every beneficiary without any discrimination and biases, reflecting the motto of “sabka saath, sabka vikas”. The parties in power earlier practised vote bank politics in which promises were made to some sections of the society while others were ignored, he said, adding that discrimination and corruption were “side effects of this politics.”

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