Pakistan political crisis LIVE | Imran Khan chairs cabinet meet, says, ‘Don’t intend to resign’

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had faced a major political setback on Thursday after the Supreme Court quashed the Deputy Speaker’s dismissal of a vote of no-confidence that was tabled by the Opposition. The top court has ordered the dissolution of the National Assembly and directed that the no-confidence vote will be held again on April 9. National Assembly Deputy Speaker Suri on Sunday ruled that the no-confidence motion was linked with the “foreign conspiracy” to topple the government and hence was not maintainable. Minutes later, President Alvi dissolved the National Assembly on the advice of Prime Minister Khan. The angry Opposition took the matter to the apex court, and won on Thursday. The opposition has said it has 172 votes in the 340-seat house to oust Khan after several members of his party and a key coalition partner defected. A political party must have 172 seats to obtain and preserve a majority in the house and thus form a government.

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