Pakistan political crisis LIVE Updates: Crucial no-trust vote in parliament today to decide Imran Khan’s fate

Hours before a no-confidence vote against him in Parliament, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday seemed to accept the writing on the wall and urged his supporters to stage peaceful protests across the country when the “new imported government” comes into power on Sunday. In an address to the nation ahead of the no-trust motion on Saturday where he has little chances of surviving unless some miracle takes place, 69-year-old Khan also expressed disappointment over the Supreme Court’s verdict on the National Assembly deputy speaker’s controversial decision on the rejection of no-trust motion against him. The opposition parties need 172 members in the 342-member house to orchestrate the downfall of Prime Minister Khan and already they showed the support of more than the needed strength. Now Khan faces the possibility of being the first prime minister in Pakistan’s history to be voted out in a no-confidence motion.

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