Commonwealth Games 2022 LIVE: Mirabai Chanu wins Gold in 49kg women’s weightlifting

Commonwealth Games 2022 LIVE: Mirabai Chanu wins Gold in 49kg women’s weightlifting Womens 49kg Weightlifting – Clean & Jerk Like snatch, she tried 115kg in her 3rd attempt, but failed. But yes, It’s first gold for India at Birmingham. What a performance by Mirabai Chanu.  She is back, and will attempt 113kg in her 2nd attempt. Yes, it all too easy for her. 113kg – done and dusted! Here she is – Mirabai Chanu – She will attempt 109kg in her first attempt.  And yes has done it. Gold for India. Well, Marie came back and lifts 96kg. She goes to the top of the list. But. all this is for silver and bronze to be honest. Wait till you see Mirabai perform.  38-year-old Loa lifts 96 kg. She is now joing highest with Stella with a combined weight of 170kg. Stella Peters lifts 95kg in her 2nd attempt. Great show of determination and the 19-year-old. Marie failed to lift 92kg in her first attempt, but lifted 93kg in her second. Goes onto say that it’s all in the mind. Great display of skill and grit. Okay, Mirabai Chanu will try and lift 105kg in her first attempt. Ying Ying Chan lifts her personal best weight of 76kg. Great effort there. Womens 49kg Weightlifting – Snatch She went for 90kg but couldn’t do it. Anyways, she is way ahead of the competition. But is there any? 2nd attempt of Chanu – 88kg. Done and dusted. Her personal best.  Unbelievable! Chanu is going for 84kg in her 1st attempt. WOW! She has done it with utter ease.  Marie is back for her 3rd attempt and lifts 76kg. Look at her go. She is all pumped up. Stella now trying for 75kg in her 3rd attempt. And yes! She does it and she does it all with a smile.  Hannah lifts 74 kg in her 3rd attempt with ease. So does Loa of PNG.  Marie now lifts 73kg in her 2nd attempt. It will be interesting to see if Mirabai reduces her weight considering no one has even touched 75 as of now. Stella is back and lifts 73kg in her 2nd attempt. Look at that smile. Wow! Hannah from Canada does one better. Lifts 72 kg.  England’s Noorie too lifts 71kg. 21-year-old Marie Mauritius lifts 71 kg in her first attempt. 19-year-old Stella Peter from Nigeria picks up 70kg in her 1st attempt. Things starting to get serious now. Mirabai will start with the weight of 80kg. The second best is as low as 70kg. Wow! Talk about confidence. Time for Mirabai Chanu to bring home the glory in Women’s 49kg event.There is a strong chance we might get another medal in weightlifting today. {}

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